SouthShore Nissan Service FAQs

Q: What is MyNISSAN Rewards?

A: MyNISSAN Rewards is a loyalty experience that puts YOU in control. You can earn rewards for taking care of your vehicle at our dealership and apply these rewards to whatever services you may need in the future. Feel free to call us or visit our website to learn more about how to get started!

Q: Do you offer service or parts specials?

A: Yes! We have a variety of service and parts specials to choose from on our website.

Q: Can I schedule a service appointment online?

A: Yes - we have a service scheduler tool right on our website you can utilize, or you can always give our service center a call to schedule an appointment.

Q: How can I check my car battery health myself?

A: There are a few ways to check your cars battery health. If you have a voltmeter handy, you can check the voltage of your battery. You can do the headlight test, which consists of turning your car and headlights on to check the brightness, if they are looking dim it might be time for a new battery. Lastly, you can conduct a physical check. Some modern day batteries have built in health indicators, if yours does not you can tell a lot about your battery health by checking for a sulfuric smell or any dried/bubbling liquid which can indicate a battery acid leak. If you have any of these issues, feel free to bring it to our service center for a replacement!

Q: What are the signs I need a new car battery?

A: Some great indicators of a dying battery are dimming/flickering lights, corroded connections, slow engine crank, a swelling of the battery case, etc. If you experience any of these issues, feel free to bring your car in for a battery assessment.

Q: What are the benefits of getting my oil changed?

A: It’s important to maintain your vehicle by keeping up with routine oil changes. This ensures your vehicle remains in good working order and keep it performing at it’s best by removing any excess dirt or grime build up in your engine.

Q: Do you offer oil changes?

A: Yes, our service center provides oil changes and other fluid exchanges and flushes.

Q: Do you have tire repair?

A: Yes! Our service technicians can provide tire repair, as well as replacement of old tires with new ones.

Q: Do you provide brake services?

A: Yes – our service experts are trained to diagnose and repair brake concerns.

Q: How do I know it's time for my tires to be replaced?

A: The easiest way to know when it’s time to replace your tires is the penny test! Place a penny, with Lincoln’s head down, between the tread of your tires. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread is worn and the tire needs to be replaced. If you can’t see Lincoln’s head, you’re tires still have some life to them.

Q: Do you offer express service?

A: Yes, we offer express service to get you in and out for small services and repairs!

Q: How often do I need to change my air filters?

A: The industry recommendation is every 12,000 – 15,000 miles or at least once a year, whichever comes first. If you tend to drive in dirty/dustier conditions, you may want to replace them a little more often.

Q: Can your service center install remote starters?

A: Yes, our service technicians have the knowledge to install remote starters in vehicles that it does not come standard in.

Q: What are the benefits of routine service and maintenance?

A: By staying on top of your car’s routine maintenance schedule you can ensure your vehicle remains safe, dependable, efficient, as well as maintaining its value. Please refer to your owner’s manual or give us a call for more information on your vehicle’s specific maintenance schedule!

Q: What should I do if my dashboard lights come on?

A: If any of your dashboard lights come on, you can bring your vehicle into our service center for diagnostics. You can utilize our Express Service for a walk-in or schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Q: How can I schedule a oil change?

A: You can schedule an oil change by visiting our website to schedule service or you can give our service center a call!

Q: Do you replace batteries?

A: Yes! Our service center can inspect batteries an determine if they need to be replaced and can complete the work from there!

Q: Where can I order parts for my Nissan?

A: You can place an order right from our website for quality OEM parts from our Nissan Certified Parts Center.


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