Nissan Pathfinder Cargo Space
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The Nissan Pathfinder is a standout vehicle among midsize SUVs. Designed with the capacity to transport the whole family, the strength to tow your cargo, and the space to fit all your packed goods, the Pathfinder can do it all comfortably.

When looking for a spacious vehicle around Amityville, Garden City, and Long Island, New York, our team is ready to support you. Allow us at SouthShore Nissan to break down all the details of the Nissan Pathfinder’s cargo space.

Nissan Pathfinder Dimensions

When looking into the cargo space of the Nissan Pathfinder, it is easiest to break it down by numbers. There are five different trims of this model: S, SV, SL, Rock Creek, and Platinum, each uniquely fitting to a different driver’s personality. Among these five different designs lie many similar dimensions.


First Row

Second Row

Third Row

Shoulder Room

60.8 inches

59.6 inches

58.4 inches

Hip Room

58.3 inches

56.3 inches

46.7 inches


44.3 inches

35.5 inches

28.0 inches

With a vehicle as spacious as the Pathfinder, including seating for as many as eight, the cargo volume stays impressive. As for the cargo space of these vehicles, all trims share a maximum length of 79.8 inches, width of 45.7 inches, and height of 33.3 inches. To paint a clearer picture of what these numbers mean, we can work row by row.

With the maximum number of passengers in the Pathfinder, there is 16.6 cubic feet of cargo space. For perspective, that is the size of an average bookshelf. When the third row is folded, the capacity grows to 45 cubic feet, which is plenty of room for you and your family’s luggage. When fully maximizing the cargo room by putting both the second and third rows down, there is an amazing 80.5 cubic feet of space.

The Strength of a Nissan Pathfinder

With the Nissan Pathfinder, cargo capabilities go outside of the midsize SUV’s interior. The Nissan Pathfinder can tow a maximum of 6,000 pounds when properly equipped. To give you a visual, this SUV is able to tow various types of boats when you plan to go fishing or just hang out on the water with the family.

If you use your vehicle to tow frequently, you can add towing-specific accessories to your vehicle, such as a hitch or wiring harness. If you need help installing any towing feature, our service team of skilled technicians is ready to assist you at any time.

Maximizing Your Cargo Space in a Nissan Pathfinder

We have broken down the interior volume and towing capacity, and still, there are more ways to maximize the hauling abilities of a Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder features the option to add a roof rack to further expand the cargo capacity. With the addition of a roof rack, you can secure bikes, skis, snowboards, and cargo baskets. Just as with the towing accessories, our service team can assist you with installing roof racks on your Nissan Pathfinder.

Test Drive a Nissan Pathfinder Today!

To fully paint the picture of Nissan Pathfinder cargo space in its entirety, picture your next trip. When headed to the beach, your road trip can include the whole family, everyone’s packed goods, the family boat, and even the option to add your surfboards on top. Come wintertime, sub out the boat and boards for a trailer and skis.

When it comes to cargo space, the Nissan Pathfinder leaves a standout impression. If you are ready to see for yourself, contact us at SouthShore Nissan and test drive through Amityville, Garden City, and Long Island, NY, today.

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