Welcome to our Nissan Service Center! At Massapequa Nissan, we strive to make your Nissan ownership experience as convenient as possible by making it easy, quick and convenient to get your car the service, maintenance and repairs that it requires. When you bring your car into our dealership, you have a large and experienced team of mechanics at your service, each one of whom is a certified Nissan expert. Their expertise lets them accomplish quality work in a short time frame, saving you valuable time and energy. Taking your car to our Nissan service location saves you money as well, thanks to the range of service specials that we offer to both our new and regular customers. Scheduling an appointment is easy: just call us or set up your appointment using our convenient online form and you are on your way to experiencing our great service for yourself!

Services Provided at Our Dealership

Our dealership is a full-service one, meaning that we have the equipment, parts and technical expertise to handle practically anything that a Nissan might need. Some of our most common services are the ones for your regular scheduled maintenance needed to keep your Nissan running in top shape, such as oil changes, brake checks, coolant, brake and transmission fluid flushes, engine tune-ups and wheel and tire services among others. But our expertise is not limited to that. We can also handle any repairs that your Nissan might require, from a simple taillight bulb replacement all the way to engine rebuilds. And our mechanics always enjoy solving a mystery and can easily diagnose any unknown problems your vehicle might experience such as a ‘Check Engine’ light, poor responsiveness or a strange noise. Just let us know what your car needs when you schedule your appointment and our mechanics will be ready to get working as soon as you arrive.

Quality OEM Parts

Taking good care of your Nissan involves not just doing all of the scheduled maintenance and repair work on time, but also on making sure that all replacement parts are up to the high standards that Nissan places on their own components. That is why we use OEM parts in all the repairs that we do. Original Equipment Manufacturer components are made by the same companies that make the factory components for Nissan and are therefore practically indistinguishable. Our parts department experts can find the exact right OEM replacement part for your car, tailored not just to the model, but down to the options and accessories you have installed. That is a great contrast to the generic aftermarket parts that are not made to the strict specifications and quality requirements that OEM parts are. OEM parts help your car remain the great vehicle you love, which is we use only these quality components whenever your car needs a replacement part.

Schedule Service Today!

Getting your car high quality service has never been as easy and reliable as it is when you go to our Nissan service center. Our team of seasoned technical professionals has seen almost every problem that your car could ever have and they have an effective solution for everyone, allowing you to spend less time waiting for your car in the shop and more time driving and enjoying it. So fill out our convenient online appointment request form or call our dealership and bring your car in to receive the high quality service it deserves.

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