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Nissan LEAF Powers a Concert

If there's one thing that is always impressing us here at Massapequa Nissan, it’s the LEAF. The electric vehicle is able to give people the opportunity to really go the distance, and be as efficient and eco-friendly as possible, as they are not letting any emissions out while they drive. But, the LEAF is able to do much more than drive you around town. Along with its power supply, it can even power up a concert.

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Nissan Altima Let’s You Create Some Fun

At Massapequa Nissan, all our vehicles have standout appeal and style. With this style, along with standout power, a model like the Altima can leave quite an impression. It can also let your mind wander into the land of fun and intrigue, as you use your imagination when you drive.

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Nissan JUKE Lights Up the Night in Australia

Here at Massapequa Nissan, we certainly support the arts, and love to see people let their creative juices flow. It's even better if that creativity takes place on vehicles that already are pieces of art with many creative features in their own right on the new Nissan lineup. That was the case in Australia, with one of the more unique models in our showroom, and it literally lit up the night.

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Check For Cold Cats Under your Nissan

Here at Massapequa Nissan, we're lovers of animals. On our blog, we've been giving many different winter driving tips, and how to be prepared when there is snow, or what sort of service you need for winter, but one thing you should also do is make sure to #KnockKnockCats.

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Nissan Rogue Goes in the Snow

We know there are plenty of people in the area who like to get out on a winter vacation and head to any number of mountains in the state, or other states, to go skiing and riding. To get to the mountain, you want something that has control and the ability to get you to the higher elevations, but we're betting you've never seen a vehicle that can do it quite like one unique Nissan prototype.

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Nissan TITAN XD Thanks Those That Came Before It

When it comes to trucks, Nissan wants to give a big thank you to the likes of Chevy, Ford, and RAM. But why would Nissan be thanking other automakers, especially those that are rivals? Well, whether any other brand will admit it, we all take inspiration and are challenged by others to push further to be the best. That's why Nissan is thanking those truck brands, because with the TITAN XD, it's built the new way.

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Nissan Titan Has Many Versatile Accessories

Here at Massapequa Nissan the Titan provides drivers with a tough, and versatile pickup truck that you know is going to get the job done. With a truck like this, there are loads of accessories to choose from, which help enhance the overall experience of driving it, and Nissan highlighted a few of the cool add on features available for the Titan.

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Find Your Altima Weekend with Nissan Contest

What are you up to this weekend? Maybe some relaxation, or perhaps some apple picking, or a Home Depot run if you have the time. Whatever it is, wouldn't you want to be doing something awesome with your time? Nissan thinks so, that's why it has the Altima Weekend.

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Nissan Rogue Can Bring Out Competitive Side

Having a bit of a friendly competition between family is always a good thing. Whatever your thing may be, it can bring a lot of fun. Well, with a versatile crossover like the Nissan Rogue here at Massapequa Nissan, you can enjoy that competition in the car.

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Nissan Juke-R Back

Here at Massapequa Nissan, there are plenty of people who love the Juke. The small crossover fits the needs of many, providing a lot of practical and fun uses. For maximum fun, however, Nissan has created the Juke-R, which when it debuted was the world's first crossover supercar, and now it's back and better than ever.

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Nissan Certified Pre-Owned a Great Option in Massapequa

When you're out looking for a vehicle that is going to have everything you want, from style, to technology, safety, and other features, but you're on a set budget, going the certified pre-owned route is always a great option for those in Seaford, NY and Long Island. Here at Massapequa Nissan, we have many certified options for you, and there are many reasons to choose one.

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Nissan Gives You the Power to Customize Through Parts

It's always fun to give your vehicle a personal touch. It shows that it's yours, and after all, you'll be spending a bit of time driving it, so you might as well give it some flavor. People do this in a variety of ways, and one really fun way is through parts, which Nissan has a lot of, and that means more options, and fun.

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Nissan Altima Says Adventure is Not for the Birds

What if a little birdy told you it was time to go someplace warm, or on a long adventure? Would you do it? That's the question Nissan poses, asking how willing you might be to take a chance, and go somewhere in a vehicle that can get you anywhere.

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Nissan Technology Makes Parking A Lot Easier

Since the dawn of automobiles, people have proclaimed their frustration with parallel parking. Now, as we've advanced as a society, and the technology is so great, automakers like Nissan can remedy the situation, and make our parking lives around Long Island and beyond, a lot better.

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Nissan Creates Virtual Test Drives with 370Z

Many of us who enjoy video games, especially racing ones, love winning on the big tracks, but sometimes, it doesn't feel the same when using a game controller. We'd like to think we can do it in the real thing. So, Nissan combined the best of both worlds, and had some willing participants try it out.

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Nissan Tops EPA Fuel Economy Study

There are many reasons drivers choose new Nissan vehicles. Maybe you like the style, or perhaps it is the technology features that you enjoy. If it's fuel economy, you'll certainly like hearing that the EPA recently named Nissan the most fuel efficient full-line automaker in the United States!

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Imagination is Reality with Nissan Rogue

Did you know that you can escape from forests where the trees come alive, watch out for a bear running you down, and watch a big ship handled heavy seas all in the Nissan Rogue? Well, not technically, but with an imagination, and the active safety features onboard, you certainly can.

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Nissan LEAF EV Boasts 100 Percent Torque

A lot of people always have questions about the Nissan LEAF EV and some of its features. One, is when the automaker boasts it has 100% torque. What does that mean? Well, thankfully, Nissan is here to explain it rather simply.

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